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In the beginning everything was dark, then someone said: "Let there be light!".

There were many different kinds of light, visible and the kind the human eye cannot see. Whether light is, like J.C. Maxwell said, electromagnetic radiation or, like M. Planck said, it is radiated by tiny particles which are called photons, does not carry much weight in real life. 

It is pretty usual, when visiting shops, where they sell lights, You won't find just what You were looking for.

As an alternative, a simple way to get light is to choose and order lights and lamps from our store. We try to offer a wide selection, by different producers and sellers, of lamps in a wide price range.

We mainly offer two kinds of lights. Some lights we already have and are located close to us in stores, in importers' warehouses and we can ship them to you in a matter of a few days to a week. Other lights are located farther, possibly outside of Europe and shipping them to you takes more time.

After making the order we will specify the possible shipping time and contact you.

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