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In case the light shipped to you comes without bulbs, You have to decide on what kind of bulbs you want. 


The video lamp guide.

Because of the low efficiency and big energy consumption the production of incandescent lamps is finished, it is very likely, that You will not find a 100W incandescent lamp, however it is possible to use a saving or LED lamp with a fitting socket and shape to achieve greater lighting.
However there are more expensive saving bulbs available, that can withstand frequent on-and-off switching, we recommend using a saving bulb in rooms, where it is lit atleast 15 minutes in a row. If a lamp is on for less then five minute cycles, its life is reduced about seven times. That's why it's not a good idea to use a saving bulb in for example the basement, pantry, WC or the hallway, in addition a saving bulb requires time to achieve the full flow of light. A saving bulb should work atleast 15 minutes at a time, then its life will be long. Ofcourse this does not apply to high technology lamps, that can be switched on-off as much as You wish.
Instead of saving bulbs, LED lamps can be used. LED lamps have an even smaller power consumption than saving bulbs.

Lamp selection

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