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Track lights Track lighting is a versatile system that can provide general room illumination. It consists of a track mounted to the ceiling or wall with adjustable light fixtures attached along the track. For room illumination, track lighting fixtures are typically evenly distributed to cover the entire space. This allows for uniform lighting throughout the room, creating a well-lit environment...
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Wire system sets Corner rooms with recesses in the wall and sloping ceilings make it difficult to fully illuminate the room. Here you will find our wire lighting system kits. Complete sets consist of a cable, several lights and the necessary accessories. We have a wide range of LED luminaires for the wire lighting system for every interior taste. Cable lights can be used in the living and dining..
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Bathroom IP zoning Firstly when looking for bathroom lights there are a number of considerations apart from the style you wish to use. There are Regulations on what lights can be used in different parts of the bathroom known as zones and lights should be IP rated for use within these zones. We all know that water and electricity is a deadly combination What is IP zoning for bathrooms? To ..
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Lumen or Watt?Anyone still looking at watts when deciding on buying a lamp will be left in the dark. The one measurement that counts in modern LED lighting technology is the lumen – a unit of measurement that is a much better indication of the brightness off a lamp than wattage.Lumen is a more precise measurement for the brightness of a lamp than wattage.Modern lamps display significantly lower wa..
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What is Step Dimming?To make a lighting dimming, you need buy a dimmer and a dimming LED lighting(with a dimming LED driver).When you dim a light, you save up to 80 percent in energy and up to about 20 percent on your energy bill.The LED lighting can last longer when you use a dimmer to keep them lit. If you dim the lights by at least 25%, you will save approximately 1/5 of the electricity require..
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Choosing the right lamp or light source for a luminaire is crucial for achieving the desired lighting effect and ensuring the functionality of the fixture. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a lamp for your luminaire:Brightness (Lumens):Consider the desired brightness level for the space. Lumens indicate the brightness of the lamp, so choose a lamp with an appropriate lumen outpu..
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How lighting technologies are developing and where the world is goingThe Phoebus cartel was established in 1924 and included major companies such as General Electric (GE), Osram, Philips, and Compagnie des Lampes (a French company). The primary objective of the cartel was to control and regulate the production and sale of incandescent light bulbs.One of the key aspects of the cartel's activities w..
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