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Table Lamps

Table Lamps

Table and desk lamps in traditional and modern designs

Table lamps can be used as a reading lamp, as accent lighting and as a light source on your desk or bedside table. By matching table, floor and pendant lights, you can easily create lighting accents in the living room. Choosing the right table lamp can add style and functionality to your space. A desk lamp can provide task lighting for reading, writing or working, or ambient lighting to create a cozy and relaxing mood.

You should consider what you want to use your desk light for and where you want to place it.

For example, if you need a desk lamp for your desk or home office, you might want to use a bright, adjustable light to help you focus and prevent eye strain. If you need a table lamp for your nightstand or living room, you might want to use a dimmable and decorative lamp that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Choose the right size and shape for your table lamp.

To find the right size and shape of a table lamp, you should measure the height and width of your table and the space around it. A general rule of thumb is that the bottom of the lampshade should be at eye level when you are sitting next to it. The lampshade should also be about two-thirds the height of the lamp base and cover the bulb and socket from any angle.

Choose a table lamp style and color that matches your interior design.

You should choose a table lamp that complements your existing furniture, accessories and color scheme. You can go for a harmonious look by choosing a similar style and color, or create a contrast by choosing a different style and color. For example, if you have a modern and minimalist interior design, you might want a sleek and simple metal or glass table lamp with a white or black shade. If you have a traditional and cozy interior design, you might want a curved and beautiful table lamp with a wooden or ceramic base and a colorful or patterned lampshade.

Brand: Sessak Model: SP33117-1VI
H 36 cm Wire 1,8m with switch Lampholder E27 Max power 60W Without bulb..
Brand: Paulmann Model: P50020
With the Europlug dimming and switching adapter, your existing lighting installation with Europlugs can be switched and dimmed using the Smart Home controller. The adapter is simply fitted between the socket and the luminaire. Control is effected by Bluetooth - choose either the free Paulmann Home a..
Brand: Sessak Model: S4002070-4505
Wonderful timeless table lamp. Smoky glass and metal contrast beautifully. This lamp is easily placed and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Height (cm): 31 Diameter (cm): 23 Cord length (m): 2 Lamp shade material: Glass Cord with in-line switch: Socket: E27 Maximum allowed bulb wattage: Max. 40W..
Brand: Sessak Model: S4002420-4002/6503
The beautiful, eye-catching Aruba table lamp is an excellent example of how a lamp is both a decoration element and a light source. The leaf-shaped lamp brings an atmospheric glow to any space. We recommend a warm-toned E27 filament lamp with a maximum diameter of 60 mm for the lamp. Dimmable with ..
Brand: By Rydens Model: S4002550-4505
A wonderful table lamp from the Boyle product family. Boyle lamps consist of a metal frame and smoky gray glass. With their timeless and clear design, Boyle lamps are easy to place in rooms of different styles. The table lamp creates a beautiful soft light and atmosphere. Height (cm): 60 Diamete..
Brand: By Rydens Model: S4002480-4002
The matt black modern table lamp CRAZY gives the space a rich look. The inside of the fabric shade is copper-colored, reflecting warm light. Designer Åse Gessle. Height (cm): 45 Depth (cm): 24 Diameter (cm): 24 Cord length (m): 2 Body material: Metal Socket: 1 X E27 Power: Max. 5W IP class: ..
Brand: By Rydens Model: S4002460-6503
The eye-catching table lamp from the Daisy lighting series brings modern style and a touch of romance to the space. The shade's palm leaf-like design brings the thought to relaxed holiday moods. A warm, large, clear glass lamp is recommended for the lamp, which emphasizes the design of the lamp and ..
Brand: Sessak Model: S4002300-4505
Create an interesting illuminating eye-catcher in the room with the modern Dixton table lamp. The lamp consists of a stone base, a black rectangular metal frame and a smoke gray glass shade. The Dixton table lamp is 52 cm high, 18 cm wide and 25 cm deep, so it is easy to find a place for the lamp. T..
Brand: By Rydens Model: S4002530-4002
The table lamp HELLO SUNSHINE combines round and straight shapes. The inside of the fabric shade is copper-colored, reflecting warm light. Designer Åse Gessle. Height (cm): 49.5 Diameter (cm): 25 Cord length (m): 2 Body material: Metal Wire with intermediate switch: Socket: 1 X E27 Power: Max..
Brand: By Rydens Model: S4002490-4002
The elegant matt black table lamp IN LOVE gives the space a rich look. The design of the lamp reminds of love. Designer Åse Gessle. Height (cm): 56.5 Depth (cm): 16.5 Diameter (cm): 34 Cord length (m): 2 Body material: Metal Socket: 1 X E27 Power: Max. 5W IP class: IP20Switch in the lam..
Table light JACK Table light JACK
Brand: Sessak Model: SP21417-1M/1V
The timeless and clean-lined Jack table lamp is made of metal. A sufficiently tall lamp with an appropriately sized shade spreads the light evenly on the desk. The hinge of the shade allows you to direct the light as needed. The lamp is perfect for a desk or bedside table. Thanks to the E27 socket, ..
Brand: By Rydens Model: S4002540-4002
A stylish and playful table lamp LOVE IS ALL with a rectangular design. The leg of the lamp and the shade create a harmonious whole. The stylish metal-framed lamp arouses interest and the bronze-colored inner surface of the shade reflects the light warmly into the space. Place the lamp in your ..
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