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LED profiles

There are various methods to fit the LED strips into the profiles.

This allows you to create a wide range of lighting effects. The covering of the diffuser hides the strip, protects it against dust and ensures uniform lighting. High-quality triangular aluminium profile with impact-resistant anodised coating. Perfect for illuminated skirting board, edging or base units. Elegant Base aluminium profile - discreet aluminium surface-mounted profile with homogeneous lighting effect thanks to opal diffuser. Ideal for orientation lighting in hallways or under-cabinet lighting. With dual light emission: Duo profile, high-quality aluminium surface-mounted profile with impressive dual light emission. Sets special highlights in the living space and creates a unique atmosphere.

Brand: Paulmann Model: P70261
The Delta Profile is fitted with LED strips in the light colour of your choice, enabling you to create decorative effects for skirting boards and edging. Also suitable for utility surfaces and under cabinets, or as an orientation or guidance light in dark or hazardous areas. Continuous light with ef..
Brand: Paulmann Model: P70560
The 2-metre Tube ceiling profile creates a uniform light strip on the ceiling. It can be fitted with YourLED or MaxLED strips, but only MaxLED will create a uniform effect. The aluminium profile is barely visible and serves as a base plate for the curved diffuser. The set contains the profile, clips..
Brand: Paulmann Model: P70518
The 2-metre base profile is a small surface-mounted profile for various applications. It can be fitted with YourLED or MaxLED strips and applied to both walls and furniture. The aluminium has a cooling effect on the LED strips, while the satined diffuser ensures uniform light distribution. Dimension..
Brand: Paulmann Model: P70519
The 2-metre Duo profile creates a double-sided lighting effect on the wall. The lighting effect changes depending on the position of the LED strips. It can be fitted with YourLED or MaxLED strips. The set contains the profile, three clips and a diffuser.Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): H: 40 T: ..
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